Program Description


The Supervisors’ Certification Brochure

The Virginia Association of Counties offers the Virginia Certified County Supervisors’ Program: an opportunity for county supervisors to learn how to more effectively and efficiently lead in their communities.

Since its inception in 2005, more than 80 supervisors representing more than 40 counties have completed this training program, earning credentials as a certified county supervisor. Of greater importance, each supervisor has gained the insight, perspective, and confidence needed to address the challenges and opportunities of the local governance experience.

The Virginia Certified County Supervisors’ Program features a five-course curriculum, designed to maximize engagement and enhance scholarship. Each course begins with a six-hour topically driven, classroom session, followed by an eight-week home study experience. Course participants are assigned relevant articles and books, completing assignments drawn from these readings on a weekly basis. The final component of each course is a concluding six-hour classroom session, which includes a review of the reading and assignment material.

Each course is designed to provide the participant with a solid understanding of the subject under examination and the skills necessary to move forward with that new knowledge. The program is devised to address fundamental learning objectives, challenge traditional thinking, and highlight best practice models. Virginia Tech faculty, VACo staff, and local government officials from across the state serve as the program’s core faculty. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from these great minds, and grow in your knowledge and skill as a county supervisor.