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The Voice of the

Commonwealth's Counties


Ensuring County Leaders Have the Knowledge They Need

VACo offers numerous opportunities for local leaders to increase their knowledge base, enhance their leadership abilities, and grow their skill set. With a strong portfolio of annual seminars and conferences, a five-course supervisor certification program, rotating regional meetings, and an educational blog and podcast, we endeavor to provide an exceptional educational experience. We hope you will take advantage of each of these learning opportunities.  

Supervisors' Forum

Through the Supervisors' Forum, VACo offers supervisors and other official the chance to examine common issues. Participants are given an overview of local government and the duties of a County Supervisor by local officials who relish in sharing their knowledge and experience.

Supervisor's Certification

The Virginia Certified County Supervisors’ Program was created to provide VACo members with an opportunity to learn how to lead their communities more effectively.

Chairpersons' Institute

VACo offers the County Board Chairpersons’ Institute to Board Chairs to focus on the specific roles of that position, including meeting management, communications, work relationships, leadership, and goal setting.

Annual Conference

As VACo’s biggest event of the year, the Annual Conference is a must for every Virginia County Supervisor and county staff member.

County Officials' Summit

The VACo County Officials’ Summit brings state and federal election candidates together to talk about the issues facing Virginia and her localities.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

See a gap in our educational programming? Let us know! Our goal is to continually evolve our education plans to effectively meet the needs of our membership, and we love new ideas.