Funding Public Services in the 21st Century

Opening Session:June 2, 2017
Closing Session: July 28, 2017
Location: Albemarle County
Cost: $350
Registration Deadline: May 23, 2017
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In a perfect world a county budget will be driven by county goals. But how are the goals set and are the selected goals viewed similarly by the public? Local governments are constantly facing fiscal crisis and county leaders are striving to understand budgeting requirements, the cost of services, and the return on the investment of citizens’ tax dollars. Establishing a budget policy and linking the county budget with clearly defined goals may be a new concept to some elected officials. During this class, the legal basis for the county operating budget and the capital improvement budget are discussed. Various forms of county budgeting are explored including line item, program, performance, zero-based and outcomes based budgeting. Local county budgets are analyzed searching for unique features and successful methodologies that are transferable to other localities. Participants examine the need for budget evaluation tools, performance controls, as well as the role effectiveness and efficiency measures can play in the budgeting process.