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Bill Expands Definition of Agritourism

SB 1491 (Stuart) defines “agritourism activity” to include the rental of a single-family residence for a period of at least one week. This measure, which

Join us for a VACo Education Event

The #VACoEducation calendar is filling in quickly. Make sure to check out all VACo Education on our newly redesigned website or on the Education &

Proposed New Mandate on Landfills

HB 1600 (Fariss) requires any active sanitary landfill that receives more than 100,000 tons of solid waste per year and is located within one-half mile

media inquiries

VACo welcomes media inquiries. We have experts who know the issues well and can give stories perspective and color. Our experts are well-respected in the Commonwealth and have experience working with the media.

If you need more assistance or have a media inquiry, contact Communications Director Gage Harter at