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VACo Meets with House Minority Leader

The VACo Legislative Team recently met with Delegate David Toscano to discuss the upcoming General Assembly Session, and several important County issues.

VACo expressed its support for the modernization of the Communications Sales and Use Tax Structure (CSUT). Currently, the tax does not reflect the modern telecommunications landscape – such as streaming services – that has evolved since the CSUT took effect in January 2007. “Digital products delivered electronically” in Virginia are exempt from the CSUT.

But a lot has changed in the past 10 years. Netflix, for example, has grown from a mail order DVD delivery service to almost exclusively an entertainment streaming service. Prepaid phones also have increased in use significantly over the past decade and are exempt in Virginia from the CSUT.

More states are exploring these tax options as revenues fall. Currently, Pennsylvania and Florida tax streaming as they do cable TV and satellite radio.

VACo also discussed its unwavering position on increased education funding. VACo believes the provision of a quality education for all of Virginia’s children is the most important function of a state and local government. VACo urges the General Assembly to provide full state funding for public education, including the Standards of Quality (SOQ) as recommended by the Board of Education.

Another topic of discussion during the meeting with Delegate Toscano was payment in lieu of taxes or PILT. VACo supports reinstating state payments (PILT) to counties that mitigate the impacts that state correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities have on county revenue.

VACo thanks Delegate Toscano for his time and looks forward to working with him to better serve Virginia and her citizens.

VACo Contact: Dean Lynch, CAE

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