Capitol Contact ALERT! School Financing Bills to be Heard Friday Morning – Call House Finance Committee Members to Support the Bills

February 23, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! Bill placing restrictions on local budget process to be heard tomorrow in House Finance – please call legislators to oppose

February 9, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! Grocery Tax Legislation to be Considered in Senate Finance and Appropriations Again This Week – Contact Legislators TODAY!

February 8, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! Bill Placing Restrictions on County Budget Process to be Heard Tomorrow – Please Contact Legislators to Oppose

January 31, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! Several Bills Limiting County Taxing Authority to be Heard Monday – Contact Your Legislators to Oppose

January 28, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! School Construction Bill to be Heard Tomorrow Morning – Call House Finance Subcommittee Members to Support the Bills

January 27, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT! Local Financing Authority for School Capital Construction to be Heard Tomorrow – Call Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee Members to Support

January 18, 2022

2022 GENERAL ASSEMBLY CONVENES JANUARY 12 – Look for Capitol Contact on Tuesdays and Thursdays

January 7, 2022

Capitol Contact ALERT – Confusion Over the Ability of Public Employers to Offer Comp Time to Employees

June 25, 2021

Capitol Contact ALERT – Cigarette Taxing Authority Being Compromised: Call Senators to Oppose

February 4, 2021

Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose SB 1440: Erosion of Governmental Immunity for Law Enforcement

January 29, 2021

Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose Unfunded Mandate for Public Defender Salary Increases

February 18, 2020

Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose Mandated Collective Bargaining for Public Employees

February 13, 2020

Capitol Contact ALERT – Call Your Legislators Now to Support Revenue Fairness Bills

February 3, 2020

Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose unfunded and mandated collective bargaining for public employees

January 30, 2020

Capitol Contact ALERT – Support County authority to determine local tax incentives for large solar projects

January 27, 2020

Capitol Contact ALERT – Contact Budget Conferees on Machinery and Tools Tax Language

February 14, 2019

Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose Bill that Adds ‘Weddings’ to Definition of ‘Agritourism Activity’ and Thwarts Local Regulation

February 1, 2019

Capitol Contact ALERT – Legislation Affecting Valuation of Machinery and Tools Headed to House Floor; Calls Needed

January 28, 2019


January 9, 2019