House Appropriations Receives Testimony on Broadband and Virginia Grocery Investment Fund

January 19, 2016

School Bus Camera Legislation before Senate Transportation Committee

January 19, 2016

Freedom of Information Act Bills in large numbers

January 19, 2016

VACo Stands with Governor in Support of Increased K-12 Public Education Funding

January 14, 2016

VACo Budget Update: Transportation

January 4, 2016

VACo Budget Update: Natural Resources and Agriculture and Forestry

December 31, 2015

VACo Budget Update: K-12 Public Education

December 30, 2015

VACo Budget Update: Health & Human Resources

December 29, 2015

VACo Budget Update: Compensation Board

December 18, 2015

2016 General Assembly set to convene; look for Capitol Contact on Tuesdays and Thursdays

December 17, 2015

Governor McAuliffe funds top VACo Legislative Priority

December 17, 2015

Ethics Reform Overhaul Passes

March 5, 2015

General Assembly Completes 2015 Session

March 4, 2015

A preliminary look at the state budget

February 24, 2015

Substitute bill jeopardizes 50 percent state funding of capital costs for regional jails

February 20, 2015

VACo supported Community Development Authority (CDA) bill passes through House subcommittee

February 19, 2015

Oppose real property tax bill

February 12, 2015

Support bill giving localities and schools the option to join state health insurance plan

February 11, 2015

A look at some House and Senate Budget proposals

February 10, 2015

House and Senate release respective budgets

February 9, 2015