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Center for Rural Virginia Budget Amendments to Support

The Center for Rural Virginia (CFRV) was created in 2004 to ensure that Virginias’s rural communities are successful, productive, and prosperous as a vital part of the Commonwealth.  General Assembly members have requested various budget amendments during the 2023 Session that seek to increase funding to the CFRV.

Delegate Brewer, along with Senator Ruff, (co-patroned by Senator Hanger) are pursuing a state budget increase for The Center for Rural Virginia. Their budget amendments are identical and will provide $183,750 to CFRV in FY2023, an increase of $88,750, and $450,000 to CFRV in FY2024, an increase of $355,000.  These budget amendments seek to support additional programming, including additional funding needed for the Virginia Rural Leadership Institute (tuition assistance, programmatic expenses).

Additionally, Senator Marsden has submitted a budget amendment to increase funding for the Center as well. Senator Marsden’s budget amendment provides an increase of $350,000 in FY2024.

VACo enjoys working and partnering with the Center for Rural Virginia and supports the proposed budget amendments.

VACo Contact: James Hutzler

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