Why Is It Important To Get An Agreement On How To Resolve A Conflict Situation

April 15, 2021

Clear all your team`s “fireworks” by resolving conflicts quickly. Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. After all, you can`t expect two people to agree on everything. The key is not to fear or try to avoid conflict, but to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way. Where there are already dysfunctional conflicts, something needs to be done, and managers can take one of two general approaches: they can try to change employee attitudes, or they can try to change employee behaviour. When they change their behaviour, open conflicts are often reduced, but groups still do not like each other; the conflict simply becomes less visible, because the groups are separated. On the other hand, changes in attitudes often lead to fundamental changes in the way groups get along. But it also takes much longer than changes in behavior, because it requires a fundamental change in the perception of society. Achieving this balance and maintaining it requires well-developed team knowledge, particularly the ability to resolve conflicts when this occurs, and the ability to keep it healthy and avoid conflict in the day-to-day work of the team. Let us first look at conflict resolution, and then to prevent it.

What are the facts and assumptions that are true? What are the most important to the result? Is there additional and objective information that needs to be introduced into the debate to clarify the points of uncertainty or controversy? Is further analysis or evaluation necessary? Be willing to forgive. Conflict resolution is impossible if you are unwilling or unable to forgive others. The solution lies in the liberation of the urge to punish, which can only be used to exhaust and empty your life. Teamwork and cooperation are essential in an organization that aims to be effective and effective, not divided by opposing groups. The best teamwork usually consists of a common vision or goal, so that leaders and members all commit themselves to achieving the same goals and understand their role in achieving those goals. Important behaviours in teamwork and minimizing potential conflicts are the commitment of team members: you can avoid many confrontations and resolve arguments and disagreements by communicating with humor. Humor can help you say things that might otherwise be difficult to express without offending anyone. But it is important to laugh with the other person, not with them. If humour and play are used to reduce tension and anger, reorganize problems and relativize the situation, conflict can in fact become an opportunity for more attachment and intimacy. The resolution of the conflict is adapted to almost all disagreements.

Our daily lives offer many opportunities for negotiation – between parents and children, colleagues, friends, etc., and as a result, you probably already have a multitude of effective strategies for resolving minor conflicts. But for more serious conflicts and conflicts between groups and not between individuals, you may need additional skills. How, for example, to structure a meeting between your group and your opponent? When should you settle down and when should you fight for more? How to react if your opponent attacks you personally? Read on for more information on some conflict resolution techniques. People have different communication styles, ambitions, political or religious opinions and different cultural contexts.

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