VTrans2040 Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP) Regional Forum

July 2, 2015


Multimodal Transportation Plan
Regional Forum

Here’s an opportunity to help shape the VMTP Transportation Needs Assessment under VTrans2040, Virginia’s long-range statewide multimodal transportation plan. The event, held on July 22, 23, 28, and 29 (schedule, locations, and dates below), will be a series of facilitated forum workshops and offer opportunities for discussion between MPO/PDC/locality staff and transportation planner and providers.

VTrans2040 is a vital project for clarifying Virginia’s transportation vision, goals, and objectives, and identifying the guiding principles and investments in infrastructure and services that will carry Virginia’s transportation system forward for the future. The Plan includes two major pieces – the VTrans2040 Vision and the VTrans2040 Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP).  The Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) has been developing the VMTP, in particular the Transportation Needs Assessment.  This Needs Assessment takes on added importance as many of you know. As a result of House Bill 2, only projects that help address a need identified in the statewide transportation plan will be considered for funding under the statewide prioritization process.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of this process. As part of the Needs Assessment for Regional Networks, OIPI and its consultant team have already been working one-on-one with 15 regions in the Commonwealth through the MPOs in each region, and the purpose of this forum is to bring several regions together to continue the engagement process and get critical input from each region, as well as share information and updates relevant to the Transportation Needs Assessment.  In addition, this forum will also include updates on the two other pieces of the Transportation Needs Assessment that deal with Corridors of Statewide Significance (CoSS) and Urban Development Areas (UDAs).  Input will be sought on all of these critical aspects of the Transportation Needs Assessment.

This forum is an important opportunity to be involved and help shape the Transportation Needs Assessment and the overall VMTP.  We invite you to join us and share your ideas.

The forums will be run as a series of events that bring together several regions at once. Breakout groups will be facilitated to work through a series of interactive exercise with each region, as well as a plenary presentation that includes all regions together. The overall schedule of dates and locations for the various regional forums is as follows – please plan to attend the relevant forum in your region:

July 22, 2015
1-4 pm
Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center
6945 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, VA 23185
Including representatives from the following regions:
Richmond, Tri-Cities & Hampton Roads

July 23, 2015
1-4 pm
Lynchburg Government Center IT Building
3550 Young Place, Lynchburg, VA 24501
Including representatives from the following regions:
Charlottesville, Lynchburg & Danville

July 23, 2015
1-4 pm
Lucy Simms Education Center
620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Including representatives from the following regions:
Winchester, Harrisonburg & Waynesboro/Staunton

July 28, 2015

1-4 pm
Wytheville Community College (Galax Bldg. – Additional Directions Below)
1000 E Main Street, Wytheville, VA 22802
Including representatives from the following regions:
Roanoke, Blacksburg/Christiansburg, Bristol & Kingsport

July 29, 2015

1-4 pm
VDOT Northern Virginia District Office
4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
Including representatives from the following regions:
Northern Virginia & Fredericksburg


To learn more about VTrans2040, please visit our website – http://www.vtrans.org/Vtrans2040.asp.

You can also find a draft of the VTrans2040 Vision Plan, previous versions of VTrans and more information about the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment at www.vtrans.org.


Wytheville Community College Campus Map

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