VACo Supervisors Video Project

February 16, 2015


County Supervisors – Here’s an opportunity to share your pride in your district through a video project. Produce your own 45-second video that showcases the beauty of your district or the folks in your community.

Here’s how…

Find that special place in your district that represents your pride in your community – whether it’s a landmark, landscape, event or just a bunch of your friends and constituents together

Use a phone with video capabilities

On camera, introduce yourself, your district, your county, the place in the video and perhaps some history or facts of the location

Here’s a sample script…


CAMERA frames the SUPERVISOR, who introduces himself/herself.

Hi. I’m John Jones. Welcome to Wake County’s Sixth District and our beautiful waterfall at Moss Creek Park! The waterfalls stretches 200 feet in the air and its water is warm enough to swim. Come visit us!

CAMERA pans the area to show the landscape and waterfalls.


VACo will create a Supervisors Video Wall on where the 45-second videos will be posted individually as they are received. We hope the video wall will grow to represent all of Virginia’s supervisor districts.

As a reminder – each video should contain the following:

Limit to 45 seconds in duration (the time limit allows you to email or text the clip)
Supervisors must identify themselves
Supervisors must identify their county and district
Videos must be done in one take | No editing

Supervisors are encouraged to use their phones and email or text their clip to Please contact to confirm delivery of your clip.

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