VACo Seeks Proposals for IT Study

June 3, 2015

The Virginia Association of Counties seeks proposals from professional Information Technology (IT) contractors to provide services to VACo to include assessing the current IT system; drafting recommendations for the performance, architecture, stability, dependencies, security and maintainability relating to the system and planning for improved IT architecture and processes. The goals and tasks are outlined below. Click here to view RFP Document.

Deadline for Submissions is July 2, 2015 at 5 p.m.

Assist in the comprehensive evaluation of the system (hardware, software, servers, websites, internet access, business and communications processes) to clearly visualize all the components and their configuration as it is being used currently;

Assist in conducting a cost/benefit analysis of the components of the system to determine if they create undue vulnerabilities and need to be upgraded, replaced or removed;

Assist with User interviews of all the VACo staff to ascertain how they currently use the system.   Special consideration is given to business processes and pain-points or bottlenecks, expectations and wish-list functionality;

Assist the IT Director in developing a comprehensive IT plan that meets the needs of the stakeholders critical business processes and makes clear recommendations for hardware, software and network solutions.  The plan will map a way forward for VACo to continue to monitor, update and implement the plan;

Assist in drafting a set of protocols for Best Practices regarding backups, security, updates, upgrades, redundancy, training and retention policies;

Assist in drafting a phased implementation strategy and a schedule that includes an estimated cost per phase. The strategy should also address the use of personal technology linked to VACo systems.

Click here to view the entire RFP Document.


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