VACo Annual Conference Update

September 2, 2015


We often get questions about dining during the conference from both those staying at The Omni Homestead as well as attendees staying offsite. We hope you will find the following information helpful during your stay.

For attendees staying at The Omni Homestead, the hotel front desk will give you an I.D. card at check in. This card should be presented to your server each time you dine at the hotel. It indicates that you are on the Modified American Meal Plan, which includes breakfast and dinner and begins on the day of arrival with dinner. Dinner includes a three course meal. You will be charged for anything ordered in addition to the three courses. Dinner is provided in the Main Dining Room, Jefferson’s, Sam Snead’s Tavern, and the Casino Restaurant. Reservations are strongly recommended. The plan ends the day of departure with the breakfast buffet in the Main Dining Room. If you get a meal through room service, that will count as your breakfast or dinner meal. Items purchased at Martha’s Market are not included in the plan.

The only meal included in the registration fee is the Monday afternoon bagged lunch sponsored by SunTrust. If you are staying at The Omni Homestead, the Sunday Evening Banquet meal is included in the room fee for those staying at the hotel. For those staying off site, tickets may be purchased for $75 on your conference registration form.

We are working to make our banquet run as smoothly as possible. This year, banquet tickets will be collected by VACo staff at the door. Please remember to have your ticket with you; this will allow everyone to quickly get seated. If you do not have a ticket, you will be asked to purchase one. If you forgot your ticket, you will be asked to retrieve it from your room. If you receive a ticket, but dine at one of the restaurants, you will be charged $75 for your banquet meal. Please make sure a VACo team member collects your ticket.

Monday’s VLGMA Luncheon is a separate, ticketed event for VLGMA members of their management teams. You can sign up for this $40 event on your Conference Registration form.

The different restaurants, as well as different areas of the hotel have varying dress codes. Make sure to check the restaurant dress codes by clicking this link.

As always, if you have any questions before the conference, please do not hesitate contact our office. If you have questions during the conference, ask a VACo Team member who will be wearing a blue “STAFF” ribbon. Remember, “Don’t have a clue? Look for the blue!”

VACo Contact: Amy Elizabeth Vealey


VACo Annual Conference TIP

When you arrive, please remember that bellmen and doormen work for tips and are not compensated through any service fees collected by the hotel. These individuals should be rewarded at the guest’s discretion for their superior service.

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