VACo Annual Conference Recap

December 3, 2015


This year’s conference theme was “Virginia Counties Care.” You may remember that we asked attendees to tell us what your county cares about on a board at the registration desk – and you did! Thank you to all who participated, even those who included humor in their answers (Virginia Beach and Suffolk).

Below is a list of the responses by county. If your county has had a similar concern that it overcame, consider sharing with a county currently dealing with the same issue.

VACo Contact: Amy Elizabeth Vealey, CMP

Albemarle County | Stormwater

Alleghany County | Education | Economic and Community Development | Diversifying Revenue Sources | Workforce Development (cradle to grave)

Amelia County | Rural Economic Development

Appomattox County | K-12 Funding | Economic Development

Arlington County | Transit

Bath County | Community Development | Mental Health | Collaboration | PEOPLE | Broadband | Education | Economic Development

Buckingham County | Broadband | Water | K-12 Spending | ACP | School Funding | Living Wage Jobs

Caroline County | Broadband | School Funding

Clarke County | Great place to raise a family!

Dickenson County | Economic Development

Dinwiddie County | Broadband | Jobs | Economic Development | Education

Fairfax County | Education | Workforce Development

Fauquier County | Broadband | Economic Development

Franklin County | Build I-73

Frederick County | …our youth through our Service Learning Program!! BGG

Giles County | Tourism | Education

Gloucester County | Broadband | K-12 $

Grayson County | Workforce Development

Henry County | I-73 | Economic Development

James City County | Green Energy

King George County | Economic Development | Strategic Planning

Lancaster County | Protecting the Rappahannock from Towers

Loudoun County | Broadband | Workforce Development “Skills Gaps” | Rural Road Maintenance | Transportation Improvements/Expansion | Quality of Life

Mecklenburg County | Schools

Montgomery County | K-12 Education

New Kent County | Broadband | Education | Economic Development

Powhatan County | Economic Development | Transportation

Prince George County | Global Community | Families Thrive | Businesses Prosper

Prince William County | Being bigger than VA Beach!

Pulaski County | School Maintenance/Construction

Richmond County | Our river and bay, our children and families, education, the future and our deep history

Roanoke County | K-12 Funds | Broadband

Rockbridge County | K-12 Funding | Stormwater | Economic Development

Russell County | Economic Development

Smyth County | Jobs!

Southampton County | School Funding | Broadband | Economic Development | Payment in Lieu of Taxes

Suffolk | Me too! (in reference to the Virginia Beach post)

Virginia Beach | I wish I was a county

Warren County | Water

Washington County | School $ and Education | Jobs

York County | High Quality of life

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