Troubling fleet vehicle tracking bill introduced

January 25, 2019

A troubling vehicle tracking bill has been introduced that would negatively impact localities across the Commonwealth.  HB 2412 (Adams, L.) seeks to require the owner of fleet vehicles to obtain consent of the vehicle operator before installing or placing an electronic device on the fleet vehicle to track it.

Under the language of the bill, the definition of “fleet vehicle” includes vehicles owned by a single entity and operated by employees or agents of the entity for business or government purposes.  While law enforcement has specifically been exempted from this bill, HB 2412 would still apply to a host of local government vehicles, including ambulances, firetrucks, transit vehicles, public works vehicles, school buses, and more.

VACo has been in touch with Delegate Les Adams’ office about our concerns, as have a number of localities and other organizations.  So far, Delegate Adams has removed the bill from the House Courts of Justice Committee’s Subcommittee #1 docket several times as he seeks to gather and consider our concerns.

As of January 25, the bill has yet to be placed on another agenda, but VACo will continue to monitor.

VACo Contact: Chris McDonald, Esq.

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