Tech Talk – Disaster Recovery

November 18, 2015


Tech Support words in 3d letters in a red metal toolbox to illustrate an information technology assistance or help role

Disaster recovery is the area of planning that deals with protecting an organizations information resources from the effects of negative events. Negative events being anything ranging from Cyberattacks to natural disasters.

It is a best practice to develop a disaster recovery plan which should include at the least, policies, procedures and what should be done if one of these events takes place to minimize the effects of the event on the organization.  The idea being if a plan is already developed then all involved know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and whom is responsible for the individual parts.

In information technology, disaster recovery steps may include restoring servers from backups, repairing telephone resources and repairing networks to meet immediate organizational needs.

Do you have a plan? What is in that plan? Has the plan ever been tested? Do you have the necessary resources to recover from such an incident?

VACo Contact: John Kandris

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