Royalty Free Image License Agreement

April 11, 2021

If you include images that are used without a valid license, you have the option to concede them later, without any effort on your part. 8. Commitment of the contracting parties. After notification by the licensee or to the holder`s knowledge that the material conceded is the subject of a threat or violation, a violation of another right or other claim for which the donor may be liable, or if the donor withdraws the material granted for any reason, the taker physically removes the equipment granted from its premises , its computer systems and its memories (electronically or physically) and, if possible, to cease future use at its own expense. The licensee makes comparable licensing elements available free of charge (the comparability of which is determined by the donor in its reasonable commercial judgment), but subject to the other conditions of this agreement. What types of licenses does Getty Images offer? Getty Images offers three types of licensing models: unlicensed (“RF”), law (“RR”) and “RM”). The licence exemption does not mean that there is no licence fee. Instead, without a license means that the licence fee is paid only once and that there is no need to pay additional royalties when the content is reused. License-free content is allowed for unlimited and unlimited use worldwide, and prices are based on file size. Administered content and rights are granted for certain types of use, and pricing is based on factors such as size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. User accounts. You are responsible for tracking all activities for each user account and agree: (a) to preserve the security of all passwords and usernames; (b) immediately notify Getty Images of any unauthorized use or other security breaches; and (c) assume all responsibilities for activities that take place under each user account. Getty Images reserves the right to monitor user downloads and activities to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

If Getty Images finds that you are violating this or any other clause in this Agreement, it may block access to your account and request further remedies. Here are some consequences that can arise for the copyright holder without a photo license agreement: the term “unlicensed” is confusing, because “unlicensed” images are fully licensed. Royalty Free (RF licenses) were created in the 1990s. It refers to a license model term under which images can be purchased according to the rights to use the image in a flat- temporary, media and independently of usage parameters. All hf images are subject to non-exclusive usage rights. It should also be noted that there are also differences in compensation models. A common method of compensation is the percentage compensation model. It is based on the net turnover of the licensee and is between 3.5% and 12%. Of course, this amount also depends on specific negotiations between the contracting parties.

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