Recycling and solar equipment tax exemption bill amended to preserve local flexibility

March 3, 2020

SB 1039 (Vogel) deals with the local option property tax exemption for certified recycling or solar equipment and, as introduced, would provide that if a taxpayer installed qualifying equipment and obtained the appropriate certification within one year of its installation, the tax exemption would apply retroactively to the date of installation and the locality would need to reimburse the taxpayer for taxes paid in the interim.  Under current law, the tax exemption begins in the next succeeding tax year.  VACo worked with the patron to amend the bill in the House Finance Committee to make clear that the application of the tax exemption retroactively to the date of installation would be a local option that could be adopted by ordinance within a local exemption program.  The amended bill passed the House unanimously and the Senate has agreed to the amendment, so the bill is on its way to the Governor’s desk.

VACo Contacts:  Katie Boyle and Joe Lerch, AICP

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