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Capitol Contact ALERT – Oppose unfunded and mandated collective bargaining for public employees

HB 582 (Guzman) and SB 1022 (Boysko) repeal the existing prohibition on collective bargaining by public employees and create the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB), which would be responsible for determining eligible bargaining units of employees, certifying the election of their representatives, and meditation of labor disputes.

The Code of Virginia currently prohibits collective bargaining for public employees in Virginia but does allow them to form associations to promote their interests. These bills mandate that public employers are required to engage in collective bargaining.

Action Required – Contact your House and Senate Members today to oppose HB 582 and SB 1022.


  • The bills would allow unionization of public employees with only 30% of employees participating. Should 30% of employees in a county decide to unionize, all employees would be mandated into collective bargaining.
  • The bills mandate Counties to provide for meetings between the bargaining representatives and employees during the workday.
  • These bills may require local employees and county representatives to travel to Richmond for disputes that fall under the responsibility of the Public Employee Relations Board, a board that has no local representation or county expertise.
  • Passage of the bills will require Counties to spend valuable resources in time and money on labor attorneys and other experts to represent the interests of each locality.

HB 582 was reported from the House Appropriations Committee on January 29, and now advances to the full House. VACo staff spoke in opposition.

SB 1022 has been referred to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee and could be heard as early as Monday, February 3.

Contact your legislator now to oppose HB 582 and SB 1022.


Senate Commerce and Labor Committee: Saslaw (Chair), Norment, Newman, Obenshain, Lucas, Spruill, Edwards, Deeds, Barker, Marsden, Ebbin, Lewis, Surovell, Mason, Bell

Senate Commerce and Labor Committee – Email entire committee

Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee: Howell (Chair), Saslaw, Norment, Hanger, Lucas, Newman, Ruff, Vogel, Barker, Edwards, Deeds, Locke, Petersen, Marsden, Ebbin, McClellan

Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee – Email entire committee

House of Delegates | Senate of Virginia | Email Patrons

VACo Contacts: Jeremy R. Bennett and Phyllis Errico, Esq.

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