Oppose charter school bill removing local authority

January 29, 2019

VACo spoke in opposition to HB 2416 (Davis) at a January 25 meeting of the House Education Committee’s Subcommittee #2. The bill would allow certain charter schools to appeal to the Virginia Board of Education the denial by a local school board an application establishing a charter school. HB 2416 advanced from the Subcommittee to the full Committee on a 6-3 vote.

Action Required – Contact your Delegates and express opposition to HB 2416. If communicating via letter or email, please send a copy to Jeremy Bennett at jbennett@vaco.org. The bill will be heard by the House Education Committee at its January 30 meeting.


  • VACo has a long-standing legislative position opposing any legislation that removes local control from school boards to establish charter schools


House Education Committee: Landes (Chairman), Bell, Richard P. (Vice Chair), Cole, Pogge, Robinson, Yancey, Davis, Leftwich, LaRock, Helsel, Collins, McGuire, Tyler, Bulova, Keam, Bagby, Bourne, Hurst, VanValkenburg, Turpin, Rodman, Sullivan

VACo Contact: Jeremy Bennett

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