Local flood plain regulation bill passes House

January 24, 2019

HB 2310 (Hayes), which provides greater authority to localities to regulate flood plains, passed the House of Delegates on January 24.

The bill, an Administration bill introduced by Delegate Cliff Hayes, authorizes any locality to, by ordinance, regulate the activity on, or use or development of, a flood plain in a manner consistent with any state and federal flood plain management programs and requirements. HB 2310 was amended in the House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee to stipulate that this authority shall be given retroactive and prospective effect.

HB 2310 was reported from House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee, 20-0, and will be voted on by the full House on January 24.  The bill is expected to pass and will next head to the Senate where it will likely be referred to the Senate Local Government Committee.

VACo Contact: Chris McDonald, Esq.

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