JLARC Workforce Development Report Recommendations

December 31, 2014

JLARC’s Workforce Development Report was released in early December.  Below is a summary of the report’s recommendations.

Legislative action

  • Require the Board of Workforce Development to annually evaluate the extent to which workforce development programs emphasize training and education opportunities that align with the needs of employers.
  • Enhance the authority of the Board of Workforce Development to influence the workforce development policies of state agencies.
  • Create a formal advisory council to the Board of Workforce Development, composed of key state and local entities not currently represented.
  • Require state agencies to develop standard categories of program spending that can be reported to the Board of Workforce Development.
  • Require the Board of Workforce Development to establish standard performance measures for all workforce development programs and ensure that all measures support the state’s highest workforce development priorities.

Executive action

  • Require school divisions and community colleges to include employers on CTE advisory committees and to meet at least every six months.
  • Require community colleges to adopt a common curriculum development process that fully incorporates employer input.
  • Develop criteria to measure whether new CTE courses proposed by school divisions are aligned with labor market demand.
  • Require school divisions’ CTE advisory committees to annually develop recommendations to improve the relevancy of CTE program offerings.
  • Designate a single entity in each workforce region to lead workforce development efforts, including the development of a local plan for employer engagement and the formation of a formal region-wide workforce development council.

VACo Contact: Erik Johnston

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