May 4, 2015

VACo seeks nominations for this year’s Jefferson Cup Award to be presented at the November 8-10 Annual Conference. The deadline for nominations is Aug. 1.

Please submit nominations to Jim Campbell at

Below is a brief history of the Jefferson Cup as well as criteria for award recipients.

On October 25, 1964 at The League of Virginia Counties Executive Board Meeting–The Committee that had been appointed by the President Stuart T. DeBell of Fairfax County to study methods and procedures for recognizing outstanding programs, contributions, and achievements in local government, reported. The Committee recommended the establishment of an award for outstanding contributions and achievements in local government to be made at the discretion of an Awards Committee in a presentation at the Annual Meeting. The Committee further recommended that the Jefferson Cup suitably engraved to set on a wooden base be adopted as the award. The award was to be called THE JEFFERSON CUP AWARD.

Criteria established for award recipients

1. Any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to local government may be a recipient of the Award.

2. Any local government which has participated in an outstanding local government activity may be a recipient.

3. The Award is to be made at the Annual Meeting of VACo but may not necessarily be made each year.

4. Nominations are to be made to the Awards Committee by Aug. 15 of each year prior to the Annual Meeting.

5. Any additional rules, regulations, standards can be adopted by the Awards Committee.

**Excerpt form the VACo Board of Directors Minutes-Aug. 13, 1995.


Recipients of VACo’s Jefferson Cup Award

1965    William B. Speck | Executive Director for the League of Virginia Counties

1966    Mills E. Godwin | Virginia Governor (1966-1970) and (1974-1978)

1966    Sam E. Pope | Member of the House of Delegates

1966    Stuart B. Carter | VACo President and Botetourt County Supervisor

1970    Clifford E. Wood | Nelson County Supervisor

1973    Billy W. Frazier | VACo President and Scott County Supervisor

1979    W.D. “Berry” Gray | Richmond County Supervisor

1984    George Long | VACo Executive Director

1991    A.L. Philpott | Speaker (1980-1991) and Member (1958-1991) of the House of Delegates

1993    Ford C. Quillen | Member (1969-1993) of the House of Delegates

1995    Kathleen K. Seefeldt | Prince William County S upervisor

1997    Ellen M. Bozman | Arlington County Supervisor

1998    Harry G. Daniel | Chesterfield County Supervisor

1999    James F. Moore | Essex County Supervisor

2000   C.M. Williams, Jr. | Stafford County Administrator

2001    Peggy R. Wiley | Greensville County Supervisor

2002    C. Flippo Hick | VACo General Counsel

2003    Katherine K. Hanley | Fairfax County Supervisor

2004    John D. Jenkins | Prince William County Supervisor

2005    Henry H. Bradby | Isle of Wight Supervisor

2006    William G. O’Brien | Rockingham County Administrator

2007    John H. Chichester | Member (1978-2007) of Virginia Senate

2012     Virgil Hazelett | Henrico County Manager

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