Initiatives promoting career and technical training in public schools

January 28, 2016


SB 336 (Miller) requires the Board of Education (BOE) to develop a “Profile of a Virginia Graduate” that identifies the knowledge and skills that students should attain during high school in order to be “successful contributors to the economy of the Commonwealth.”

When developing this Profile, the bill also directs the BOE to consider “alternative paths toward college and career readiness that include internships, externships, and credentialing.” The bill expects the BOE to establish such graduation requirements no later than September 1, 2017. VACo backs this measure because it is consistent with VACo’s Legislative Program that supports career and technical education at the K-12 level. SB 336 was referred to the Public Education Subcommittee of the Senate Education and Health Committee.

In related matter the Senate unanimously passed SB 573 (Ruff), which directs the BOE to provide for the issuance of temporary part-time teacher permits to qualified professionals with expertise and credentials in career and technical education areas who are recommended for the permit by employing school divisions.

VACo spoke in support of the bill when it was considered by the Senate Education and Health Committee.

VACo Contact: Larry Land, CAE

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