Increased Retirement Contribution for Deputy Sheriffs Tabled

March 1, 2022

SB 507 (Lewis) would have required local governments prospectively electing enhanced retirement benefits to use the 1.85 percent multiplier for determining the annual retirement allowance for deputy sheriffs. As previously reported, local governments currently may elect to provide a 1.7 percent multiplier in lieu of the 1.85 percent multiplier. Eliminating this option would require local governments currently opting for the 1.7 percent multiplier to increase funding for the higher multiplier. The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate on a vote of 40-0.

On February 25, the bill was heard by the House Appropriations Committee. The Committee Chair noted that the bill would create an unfunded mandate for many local governments. As a result, the Committee opted to table the bill on a vote of 19-3. VACo thanks its members who responded to our article on this issue and contacted members of House Appropriations with their concerns.

VACo Contact: Jeremy R. Bennett

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