Governor announces ‘A Healthy Virginia’ plan

September 18, 2014

By Beau Blevins

On September 8, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a 10-step plan to leverage more federal money for health care in Virginia but stopped short of any unilateral attempt to expand Medicaid.

McAuliffe’s 10-step plan expands health insurance to an estimated 25,000 uninsured Virginians — 20,000 severely mentally ill individuals and 5,000 uninsured children of low-income state employees.

The governor issued four emergency regulations and one executive order to target a small section of the uninsured, as well as address issues with drug addiction and veterans’ health care.

The plan also makes modest improvements to health plans for some individuals and encourages enrolling people who already qualify for Medicaid but aren’t enrolled.

Further, the governor plans to provide dental care for about 45,000 pregnant women who already receive publicly funded health care. The plan does not, however, insure as many people as legislation would have.

McAuliffe calls the plan “A Healthy Virginia.” Here is a link to the plan.

McAuliffe noted that Medicaid expansion remains a priority. He called on members of the General Assembly to come to the table during a special session with serious ideas to expand insurance options for Virginia’s low-income citizens.

The General Assembly meets on September 18 for a special session on Medicaid expansion.

So far there have been several plans suggested to address the coverage gap in Virginia but none have gained enough support for a majority.

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