Epinephrine mandate removed; bill now permissive

January 30, 2020

HB 1147 (Keam), as introduced, would require “every public place” to make epinephrine available for administration, and would authorize any employee of a public place who is authorized by a prescriber and trained in the administration of epinephrine to possess the drug and administer it to someone who is believed to be experiencing an anaphylactic reaction.  The bill provides liability protections for the employee who administers or assists in the administration of the epinephrine.

VACo expressed concerns about the breadth of the mandate to provide epinephrine, as the statutory definition of a “public place” encompasses any building owned or leased by any locality.  Requiring epinephrine to be available in any building owned or leased by a county could result in significant costs to the locality to stock and periodically replenish the medication.  The bill was amended in subcommittee, with the support of the patron, to authorize the provision of epinephrine rather than mandating it.

VACo ContactKatie Boyle

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