March 1, 2017

Dear VACo Members:

It’s time for the 2017 Achievement Awards Program. Any county department is eligible to compete so ENTER NOW!

All entries are required to be submitted in electronic form. No paper copy submissions are necessary. The electronic copy should be a PDF or WORD file. Email entries to Gage Harter at gharter@vaco.org.

Submissions must be received by June 2.

Last year we processed 91 entries and selected 29 winners from 21 counties. VACo presented awards at 18 Board of Supervisors Meetings and recognized winners at the Annual Conference, in a news release sent to statewide media and in an Achievement Awards booklet.

The judges for the 2017 Achievement Awards will be announced soon.

VACo received more than 500 entries over the past eight competitions. Last year’s Best Achievement winner was King and Queen County for its “King and Queen Broadband Internet” program.

VACo encourages all counties, big and small, to enter the 2017 Achievement Awards Program. Please contact gharter@vaco.org with questions or for more information.

Click here for entry form

Click here for Achievement Awards website

Click here to browse all of the 2016 entries

Click here to view past Achievement Award winners

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