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Thank you for participating in the 2020 VACo Annual Conference. Below you’ll find the schedule for the conference and links to each session. Or you can open the agenda and links here.

  2020 Annual Conference Virtual Bag

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Monday, November 9


VACo Board of Directors Meeting


Governor Ralph Northam


Breakout Session: State Budget Update | Session Video

Jim Regimbal | Principal | Fiscal Analytics | Presentation

What is the state of Virginia’s economy after seven months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what can we expect in the months to come?  How can local governments position themselves to prosper in the post-pandemic economy?  This session offers analysis of the General Assembly’s actions to rework the state biennium budget during the special session and looks ahead to the major issues at play as the Governor and legislature consider additional revisions in the 2021 session.

Tuesday, November 10


Breakout Session: Economic Development and Workforce Development – Coming Out of the Pandemic | Session Video

Stephen Moret | CEO & President | Virginia Economic Development Partnership | Presentation
Erik Johnston | Director | Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development | Presentation

Join Stephen Moret and Erik Johnston as they speak about economic development – coming out of the pandemic.


Breakout Session: The Future of Education | Session Video

Dr. Deborah Bergeron | Director | U.S. Office of Head Start and Early Childhood Development | Presentation
Dr. Keith Perrigan | Superintendent | Bristol Virginia Public Schools | Presentation
Mark Owczarski | Assistant Vice President for University Relations | Virginia Tech | Presentation

What does the future of education hold in light of COVID-19? How has early childhood care and education taken on new purpose? What is the impact of virtual and hybrid learning? What can we expect for workforce development? This session shares expert analysis of discussion of educational issues from early childhood, K-12, and higher education perspectives as county governments continue to support the well-being and development of children and students within their communities from birth to adulthood in a changing world.


Breakout Session: Broadband | Session Video

Holly Hartell | Assistant CIO for Strategic Initiatives | Arlington County | Presentation
Jeff Stoke | Deputy County Administrator | Prince George County | Presentation

Universal access to the internet has become of paramount importance to families, businesses and communities who now must rely on fast, reliable and affordable service for education, employment and economic development. This session will explore two county’s efforts – one rural, the other urban – on programs and investments to ensure their citizens and businesses are connected with the opportunity to grow and thrive.


Nominations Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 11


Dr. Robert Holsworth | Session Video
Important federal elections will be decided before VACo’s Virtual Annual Conference. Dr. Holsworth will give his smart and stylish analysis on their implications to Virginia.


Annual Business Meeting | Agenda | Session Video

Preconference Breakout Sessions

The Future of Housing | Breakout Session Video | Sponsored by Virginia Housing

Erik Johnston | Director | DHCD
Susan Dewey | CEO | Virginia Housing

The lack of affordable homes to rent or own across the Commonwealth is a growing problem that has been further highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. This session will provide an overview of the problem, existing resources to address it, and a discussion of how Virginia will plan to meet both existing and growing demand. Watch the breakout session video.

Emerging Risks for County Governments | Breakout Session Video | Sponsored by VACORP

Chris Carey | Administrator | VACORP | PowerPoint Presentation

What does the future for county governments look like in light of potential changes to workers’ compensation and liability protections, along with continued cyber threats to public entities? This session shares expert analysis of potential liabilities and risks facing county governments as they navigate proposals to add COVID-19 to workers’ compensation and change qualified immunity, while continuing to defend against cyber extortion and social engineering events.

Energy of Tomorrow: Incorporating Wind and Solar in a Modernized Grid | Breakout Session Video | Sponsored by Dominion Energy

John Larson | Director, Public Policy and Economic Development | Dominion Energy
John Warren | Director | Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy | PowerPoint Presentation

In the coming decades, Virginia will be modernizing its electric grid, a key component of which will be to accommodate large solar and wind generation facilities. This session will explore how this modernization will change the landscape of Virginia and the role counties will play in the transformation of how we generate and consume electricity.

Snapshots of Innovative County Programs | Breakout Session Video

Kevin Massengill | County Administrator | Dinwiddie County
Dawn Missory | Citizen Information and Resources | Chesterfield County | PowerPoint Presentation
Raul Torres | Executive Director | Human Rights Office | Prince William County | PowerPoint Presentation
Denise McPhail | Outreach and Education Coordinator | Prince William County | PowerPoint Presentation

An important objective of the VACo Achievement Awards Program is to celebrate innovative and smart solutions to challenges in our counties. This session shares the creative work from county leadership and staff as Achievement Award winners tell their stories on how they overcame challenges.

Communicating during the Pandemic | Breakout Session Video

Jeff McKay | Fairfax County Chairman | PowerPoint Presentation
William McCarty | Isle of Wight County Supervisor | PowerPoint Presentation
Dr. Joseph Casey | Chesterfield County Administrator | PowerPoint Presentation

How have Virginia leaders communicated with their community, constituents and staff during the pandemic? This session will examine ways counties and elected officials have communicated not only externally but also internally during this unprecedented time.

Surviving to Thriving: Providing Financial Wellness as an Employer | Breakout Session Video | Sponsored by First Financial Group of America

Christopher J. Jamail, CFP® | Partner | Chief Marketing Officer
Rich Mangiere | Account Development Coordinator

To help working Americans achieve financial well-being – to move from surviving to thriving, and from debt to savings – through employer-sponsored financial wellness tools and salary-linked solutions.

Visit First Financial Group’s VACo webpage to sign up to win a swag bag and to learn more about how First Financial can help your county.

 Special Message to VACo members from NACo President Gary Moore

Steering Committee Meeting Presentations

Economic Development and Planning Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Christy Morton | Vice President-External Affairs | Virginia Economic Development Partnership | PowerPoint Presentation

Christy Morton with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) provides updates on ongoing economic development initiatives and programs. The presentation includes the latest on how the Coronavirus Pandemic is providing challenges, as well as opportunities, to further business development and job growth.

Education Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Holly Coy | Assistant Superintendent for Policy, Equity, and Communications | Virginia Department of Education | PowerPoint Presentation

Kathy Glazer | President | Virginia Early Childhood Foundation | PowerPoint Presentation

Karin Bowles | Director of Strategy | Virginia Early Childhood Foundation | PowerPoint Presentation

Updates and discussions on K-12 education and childcare.

Environment and Agriculture Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Abby Johnson | Executive Director | Virginia PACE Authority

The Value and Opportunity of C-PACE – Low-cost, long-term financing for water conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy projects.

Finance Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Aubrey L. Layne Jr. | Secretary of Finance | Commonwealth of Virginia | PowerPoint Presentation

Secretary of Finance Aubrey Layne provides an update on the state’s revenue situation and use of federal relief funds.

Health and Human Resources Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Scott Reiner | Executive Director | Office of Children’s Services | PowerPoint Presentation

Nannette M. Bowler, J.D. | Deputy Commissioner | Human Services | Virginia Department of Social Services | PowerPoint Presentation

Andrew Crawford, LCSW | Director | Bedford County Department of Social Services | PowerPoint Presentation

Rebecca J. Morgan, M.Ed. | Director | Middlesex Department of Social Services | PowerPoint Presentation

An educational session on the intersection of foster care and the Children’s Services Act.

Health and Human Resources Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Kathy E. Vesley | President and CEO | Bay Aging | PowerPoint Presentation

Regina Sayers | Executive Director | Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens | PowerPoint Presentation

Directors of two Area Agencies on Aging share information about the important services provided by AAAs to support the well-being of older Virginians, and the innovative approaches taken by their agencies to meet local needs.

Transportation Steering Committee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Catherine McGhee, P.E. | Director of Research and Innovation | Virginia Department of Transportation | PowerPoint Presentation

Lisa Guthrie | Executive Director | Virginia Transit Association | PowerPoint Presentation

Danny Plaugher | Deputy Director | Virginia Transit Association | PowerPoint Presentation

Catherine McGhee provides updates from VDOT and gives a presentation on autonomous systems. Executive Director Lisa Guthrie and Deputy Director Danny Plaugher from the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) provide updates on public transit in the Commonwealth.

Energy Steering Subcommittee | Steering Committee Presentation Video

Cliona Robb | Director | ThompsonMcMullan P.C.

Meade Browder | Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief-Insurance and Utilities Regulatory Section | Virginia Office of the Attorney General

Cliona Robb speaks about “Contract Purchase of Electricity by Local Governments in Virginia.” Meade Browder talks about “Energy Law and Regulation in Virginia.”