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Commonwealth's Counties

Virginia Local Government Investment Webinars

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) encourages you and your colleagues to watch an informative, two-part investment series hosted by Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. (MBS). These free, 30-minute webinars were created specifically as a resource for Virginia public funds officers of all experience levels and are built around applicable Virginia statutes.

The Program

Part I. Public Funds Investment Policy
Learn how to develop and manage a compliant investment policy and investment program. Our discussion will center on the statutes that govern local investments in the Commonwealth, including the Investment of Public Funds Act and the Security for Public Deposits Act.

Watch the Local Government Investment Webinar Part 1

Part II. Investing in High-Quality Fixed-Income Securities
This session will review and apply the principles covered in Part I. Learn about proven strategies public investors use to simplify their investment programs and maximize safety, liquidity and yield. We will also introduce the Multi-Bank Securities Institute and Public Funds Investor Guide, a free educational resource available to municipal investors of all experience levels.

Watch the Local Government Investment Webinar Part 2

VACo Contact: Dean Lynch, CAE

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