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Capitol Contact ALERT – Call or email your Senator NOW on Airbnb bill


Contact your Senator to AMEND LINE 93 from “May” to “Shall” on SB 416 (Vogel)

VACo Members – please call or email your Senator now to amend Line 93 from “May” to “Shall” on SB 416 (Vogel).

The bill allows property owners to rent out their homes or rooms in their homes. These bills establish a state mandated law governing short-term rentals in residential area through hosting platforms such as Airbnb, FlipKey and other Internet websites. Counties are concerned about the safety of people renting the rooms, the preemption of local zoning authority and loss of tax revenue.

SB 416 passed the Senate Finance Committee this morning on an 8-5 vote with one abstention.

Under the General Assembly’s governing procedures, today is the last day that the Senate Finance Committee can act on a Senate revenue bill. The bill must be acted on today by the full Senate to meet the crossover deadline. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATOR NOW.


Senate of Virginia

VACo Contact: Dean Lynch, CAE

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