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Capitol Contact ALERT – Call or email your Delegates now to SUPPORT Airbnb bill as amended


Amended bill requires a state study on local impacts

SB 416 (Vogel) as amended is before the House of Delegates TODAY. Your call or email to your Delegate to support the amended bill is very important.

The bill:

Was amended yesterday in the House Appropriations Committee. SB 416 must now must be re-enacted in the 2017 legislative session before it takes effect.

Was further amended to require the Virginia Housing Commission to study the issue and report its work for consideration by the 2017 General Assembly session.

In its original form deliberately supersedes and preempts state and local taxation and land use laws and ordinances, replacing them with new paradigms that are either unenforceable or unfair. VACo opposed the bill in its original form and pushed for amendments to have the issue studied.


Contact members of the House of Delegates and encourage them to support SB 416 as amended in today’s floor session.

The reenactment clause included in the amended bill will allow local governments time to study the issue and participate in a work group with representation from the hotel industry, hosting platform providers, state and local tax officials, property owners, and other interested parties to examine issues related to Airbnb.

Airbnb is similar to the Uber issue addressed in 2015 where all stakeholders were brought together to study the issue and make legislative recommendations. Airbnb should be treated the same way to help ensure responsible legislation.

A study with the stakeholders to include local government is the most responsible way to enact legislation.

There is no compelling reason why SB 416 in its original form must be passed in this session without first addressing the public safety and health responsibilities of local governments.


House of Delegates

VACo Contacts: Beau Blevins and Dean Lynch, CAE

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