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Webinar – Generate higher-interest income on every dollar


Click here for Webinar on liquidity data

Budgetary pressures have never been greater for local governments. Stretching every dollar and making certain it works efficiently for your county are challenges you know very well.

Check out this 15-minute webinar at with VACo Premier Partner cashVest® by three+one®.

Garrett Macdonald, Vice President of cashVest® by three+one®, hosts the webinar and discusses liquidity data – how to use it, and how counties across the country have benefited from putting liquidity analysis to work.

cashvest® by three+one® uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluations. This information is applied to safely increase yields on current cash deposits and enhance revenue sources.

Don’t miss this webinar on maximizing the value of every dollar – a breakdown of how cash can be best utilized for current & future operating needs, offsetting banking fees, borrowing, and earnings/savings opportunities.

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