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Visit Roanoke County and Bent Mountain Falls

The Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve, located south of Roanoke in the highlands of the Blue Ridge Plateau, features a spectacular gorge and arguably the tallest waterfall in Virginia. Before joining Goose Creek at the downstream end to form the South Fork Roanoke River, Bottom Creek flows through a narrow ~3-mile gorge that varies between 200 feet in depth at the upstream end to 900 feet in depth at the downstream end.

On this hike you’ll pass by “The Kettles” when you enter the gorge, a series of enormous rapids in succession that beg to be explored further. The highlight of the hike is the overlook for Bent Mountain Falls, listed as the 2nd highest waterfall in Virginia at 200 feet. Camp Creek cascades and freefalls directly into Bottom Creek from the mountains above, creating a spectacular vista. It is arguably the tallest single waterfall in Virginia including the series of cascades above the lower drop, ranging between 340-370 feet high. Either way, the Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve is a relatively unheralded gem that is worth a visit.

SOURCE: Zach Robbins | HikingUpward | WEBSITE

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