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Visit Madison County and Hawksbill Summit

Hawksbill Trailhead is located in the Central District at mile 45.6 on Skyline Drive. Here you will find the beginning of the A.T.-Hawksbill Loop trail and the Lower Hawksbill trail.

Suggested Hikes

Hike #1: A.T.-Hawksbill Loop

Distance: 2.9-mile circuit  |  Difficulty: moderate  |  Duration: 2 hours  | Elevation Gain: 860-feet

At the north end of parking lot, take the short connector trail to the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). At the trail post, turn left onto the A.T. south. Continue on the A.T. south to the trail post indicating Salamander Trail. Go left onto blue-blazed Salamander Trail and follow to the summit. Descend via blue-blazed Lower Hawksbill Trail to starting point.

Hike #2: Lower Hawksbill

Distance: 1.7-mile round trip  |  Difficulty: easiest  |  Duration: 1¼ hours  |  Elevation Gain: 690-feet

Ascend from this point via Lower Hawksbill Trail to the summit. Retrace your steps to return to starting point.

For more information, call 540.999.3500.

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