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Visit Craig County and the Painted Barn Quilts

These lively quilt “signs” have appeared in many rural communities across the country. Now they are in Craig County in an effort to raise money for the library. The Craig County Library is growing and providing all kinds of good services to the community. Please help us support it!

Barn quilts are painted quilt squares on weatherproof boards that are attached to barns, outbuildings, fences, store fronts, homes, or hung indoors. A single square of a quilt pattern is enlarged to 4’ x 4’ or 8’ x 8’, or 2’ x 2’ for smaller indoor and outdoor spaces.

Maps and other information can be found at There are over 50 barn quilts that can be seen from the roads in Craig County. Since 2014, over 145 barn quilts have been painted. About half of them are in eight states and more than 10 Counties in Virginia.

SOURCE: Barn Quilts for Books

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