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Virginia rescinds COVID-19 workplace rules

On March 21, 2022, the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board adopted the final revocation of the Virginia Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus That Causes COVID-19 (“Virginia Standard”), 16VAC25-220. The revocation became effective March 23, 2022.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) is replacing the revoked standard with a new guidance document on COVID-19 entitled: Guidance for Employers to Mitigate the Risk of COVID-19 to Workers. The document will be published in the Virginia Register on March 28, 2022 (Volume 38: Issue 16) for a 30-day comment period ending April 27, 2022.

VACo Contacts: Joe Lerch, AICP and Phyllis Errico, Esq., CAE

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