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Virginia and National Associations of Counties Partner to Strengthen Public Sector Cybersecurity

With new cyber threats emerging every day, the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) has partnered with the National Association of Counties (NACo) to strengthen local governments’ cybersecurity efforts. The NACo Cybersecurity Collaborative will provide Virginia’s counties with access to top tier technology security professionals, information, intelligence, best practices and other resources to prepare for, prevent and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

“The best way to address escalating cybersecurity challenges is to collaborate in a peer-to-peer network and share expertise,” said Dean Lynch, VACo’s executive director. “Through the Cybersecurity Collaborative, counties will be better equipped to protect residents‘ data and defend against potentially devastating cyberattacks.”

Public sector security practices continue to evolve and improve. Once focusing mainly on physical security and natural disaster preparedness, counties now address security of networked and personal devices, mobile applications and cloud-enabled solutions.

“The Cybersecurity Collaborative provides access to world-class expertise and actionable information to prepare for and respond to cyber threats and attacks,” said Matthew Chase, NACo’s executive director. “This cutting-edge program is designed to help counties mitigate risks and navigate complex security dynamics as new threats emerge every day.”

The NACo Cybersecurity Collaborative is a peer-based network that shares proven action plans to drive cyber readiness, implementation guides and comprehensive checklists. Members of the collaborative have access to customizable policies and procedures for governance controls and compliance, and the ability to connect with experts to ask real-time questions for guidance on real-time issues. Learn more at

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