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VACo Meetings and Events Tips and Tricks: Helpful Apps

“April showers bring May flowers” the saying goes, and spring is just the beginning of Virginia’s storm season. Summer brings Virginia’s hurricane season (June 1 through November 30), then we loop right into fall and winter and their cold weather conditions. Consider how bad weather could affect your Board of Supervisors’ meeting, your public forums, your fireside chats or your town hall meetings. A very likely scenario is that there is a power outage. There are a variety of tools that you can find right on your phone including the flashlight app. This helpful app can light a room and calm the crowd. You can also use it to lead a group to a safer area, should that be necessary.

VACo Education will be rolling out a host of meetings all around our state over the next several months, including several of VACo’s Regional Meetings this spring, three Certified County Supervisors’ programs throughout the summer, VACo County Officials Summit in August and VACo’s 82nd Annual Conference in November. As you travel out of your area to these VACo Education events, plan ahead for the weather by downloading a weather app.

To download any app onto your iPhone, open your App Store, go to Search and type in the type of app you want. A list will appear of available apps for you to choose from.

To download any app onto your Android, google the type of app you want. You will see a download button that reads “free” or a fee will be listed, should you decide to purchase an app. By selecting the button, you will be redirected to your app store where you can officially install.

Do you use a specific app when you plan a meeting or travel to one? Please share! And remember, don’t be scared, just be prepared!

VACo Contact: Amy Sales, CMP

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