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Public WIFI

Does your organization offer WIFI to its visitors? If so, how is it managed and secured? Offering WIFI to your visitors has become a common practice in today’s world of social media updates, working from anywhere and basically being in constant contact with the world.

Public and presumably free WIFI to your guests does come with some concerns. If not properly installed, configured and managed, it can result in unwanted or unauthorized access to your local network resources.

There are many different ways to secure or isolate your guest network from your local network. Some examples are isolating the local from the guest or making the local network hidden from WIFI access and requiring a password for guest access. This can give you some ability to log who is using the access and may aid in forensic information gathering in the event of a breach.

Another concern for offering WIFI to guests is bandwidth usage, it is a good idea to limit the amount of available bandwidth to the guest users as not to overwhelm your local access and reduce the availability of resources to your internal users.

Open a dialogue with your local IT administrator about offering WIFI to guests.  It can be a welcome addition to your guest’s experience.

VACo Contact: John Kandris

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