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Statewide candidates share their vision with local leaders at the VACo County Officials’ Summit

Each candidate and each speaker who walked to and away from the podium at the County Officials’ Summit on August 19 received a standing ovation from the more than 160 local leaders in attendance. Above politics, above political party, and above ideology – what mattered most to VACo members was showing respect and proper decorum to the candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and the House of Delegates. VACo members appreciated the time and commitment given by the candidates to connect with county leaders.

Special thanks to Governor Ralph Northam for kicking off the event with a passionate 20-minute speech about the health and safety of Virginians, about economic development successes, and about the Governor’s close relationship to VACo over the past four years.

Also thank you to Lieutenant Governor Candidates Hala Ayala (D) and Winsome Sears (R); and Attorney General Candidate Jason Miyares (R). They were candid with their remarks and answered every question asked during the Q&A sessions.

Thank you to Delegate Terry Kilgore (R) and Delegate Sally Hudson (D) for providing perspectives from their respective caucuses. They, too, were frank in their remarks and spoke about the relationship between the state and localities as it relates to funding for schools, services, and tax reform.

VACo looks forward to its next big event – the 2021 Annual Conference on November 14-16, held in-person in Norfolk.

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