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Register today for the Virginia County Board Certified Supervisors’ Program budgeting course titled “Funding Public Services in the 21st Century: The Role of Budgeting.” The course will provide attendees with an understanding of the legal basis for the county budget. Various forms of county budgeting are explored including line item, program, performance, zero-based and outcomes-based budgeting. Guest speakers from local counties will present their budgets, which will be discussed in class. Participants will also be able to share budget methods and successes that may benefit other localities.

The opening class will be held on June 2 at the Albemarle County Public Administration Building. This day-long education session is followed by eight weeks of at-home coursework. Students will reconvene in a closing course on July 28, also at the Albemarle County Public Administration Building. For more information on the program, or to register for the budgeting course, click here or call Amy Sales at 804.788.6652.

VACo Contact: Amy V. Sales, CMP

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