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NACo Counties Futures Lab Adds Benchmarking Feature to County Explorer

NACo’s County Explorer allows users to use data for communication, advocacy and now benchmarking. The new benchmarking feature makes it easier to draw comparisons between counties — allowing users to select up to 10 indicators for a county and compare with peer counties, state medians and/or even medians across the 3,069 counties.

The new County Explorer feature allows users to:

  • Benchmark a county across up to 10 indicators
  • Select from over 850 indicators in County Explorer to benchmark
  • Benchmark against other counties, states, similarly-sized counties or the median for the 3,069 counties with county governments
  • Print or download the benchmark table

Go to and start benchmarking your county today by clicking on the county on the interactive map and the “Benchmark” button next to the county name.

Some extra features:

  • For indicators derived from survey data, such as child poverty rates, NACo added a reliability marker showing a dot colored green, yellow or red. Estimates in green are more reliable, while those in red should be used with caution.
  • The interactive provides information about county elected officials in each county and about each county’s structure. Find the information by clicking on the county on the interactive map and the “County Info” button next to the county name. The information can now be printed by clicking the “Print County Information” button.

Learn more about the new functionality be reading the County News article or by visiting the County Explorer site.

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