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My County Works

NACo and ICivics have partnered together to create a comprehensive educational program that teaches students about the importance of local government. This much-needed resource will help students in any educational setting gain a solid understanding of the roles, duties, and challenges of local governance. NACo’s program includes an educational video game, a set of courses geared toward middle and high school students, an interactive workbook  for elementary-aged constituents, and classroom tips for county officials and teachers.

This program will help parents, teachers, and county officials establish a strong foundation of knowledge in younger citizens and encourage their ongoing engagement and interaction with county government. Please take time to review these resources and reflect on how your county is working to ensure that its children understand their local government, and their future potential within it.  The children of your county will grow up one day. What role will you play in helping them to grow up to be knowledgeable, engaged, and passionately involved in their local institutions?

Click here to read the My County Works – A County Government Activity Book

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