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Keep your eye out for FlagPoll!

VACo is excited to announce its participation in a pilot program that features a legislative tool that will help us collect and organize your opinions on issues. Over the past year, VACo consulted with the developers of FlagPoll, a software platform that allows you to easily view and weigh in on issues that are most important to counties.

In Capitol Contact or Capitol Contact ALERTS, you will have an option to leave feedback on issues with a click of the mouse. Your comments help us determine positions on legislation.

FlagPoll features a personalized intuitive dashboard where you can learn more about each issue, leave comments, keep track of revisions to legislative bills and read your past comments on similar issues.

In the days prior to the start of the 2017 General Assembly, we’ll email you a special invitation to FlagPoll. We encourage you to sign up.

At VACo, advocacy and membership engagement are two of our priorities. Lend us your voice during this next General Assembly Session.

What is FlagPoll?

  • Convenient – See all VACo issues in one place on your FlagPoll dashboard
  • Informative – Follow links to the Legislative Information System and easily contact your legislators
  • On your timeline – You can leave comments on issues directly from the email message we send you, or you can review and comment on the bills we select for you by logging in to FlagPoll to see all the bills at once
  • Sort and filter the bills by subject, committee or keyword
  • Leave feedback on FlagPoll with the knowledge that your comments are being used to strengthen VACo’s position with the legislature.

VACo Contact: Gage Harter

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