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Introducing the New Interactive Exhibit Hall Map

Preparations are well under way for another informative and fun exhibit hall experience at the 83rd VACo Annual Conference. With the new interactive exhibit hall map, you can see who is signed up so far and where they’ll be located. This is a useful tool for conference attendees to plan your visit to the exhibit hall and for potential exhibitors as well. The map shows which booths are still available and exhibitors can make sure they’re not located next to their biggest competitor.

Check out the new interactive exhibit hall map (Please note that the map may take a moment to load). Hover your mouse over any booth space and the corresponding exhibitor information or availability is displayed in a pop-up. There are currently 82 booths occupied and 24 available for sale. Bookmark the exhibit hall map page and check back throughout the summer to see who’s new in the exhibit hall.

VACo Contact: Carol Cameron

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