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Introducing an Associate Member: SHI International Corp

SHI International Corp. is a privately-owned global provider of information technology products and services, headquartered in Somerset, N.J.

Founded in 1989, SHI has evolved from a $1 million “software-only” regional reseller into a $7.5 billion organization that delivers custom IT solutions to Academic, Corporate, Enterprise and Public Sector customers of all sizes.

For over 20 years, SHI and Senior Account Executive Erik Schroeder have supported the state of Virginia with their IT solution needs, including cloud services, end user solutions, data center optimization, security services, mobility solutions, and IT asset management services.

With increasing security risks, rising cost of legacy equipment maintenance, dwindling budgets and reduced in-house IT staffing, government agencies need to do more with less – like moving to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud is a slow process and an ongoing challenge faced by many government entities. The security risks with moving sensitive data have grown exponentially and ensuring data protection in the cloud is only one piece to the puzzle.

Schroeder and SHI continue to work with cities, counties, and government agencies within Virginia as they make this shift towards the next generation of cloud computing. With industry-leading security and cloud partnerships, SHI’s ability to customize solutions has helped Virginia modernize and mobilize their IT environments year after year.

While cybersecurity is a priority for many agencies, public safety organizations strive to make safer communities all around.

In most recent years, Schroeder has worked side by side with localities in Virginia to support their efforts to increase security at a state and local level through video surveillance solutions.

SHI’s Video Surveillance Solution which consists of video surveillance, cloud-based storage and data encryption was specifically designed for public safety organizations to help minimize risk for public safety officers while maintaining the well-being of citizens.

As Virginia’s IT needs continue to expand, Schroeder and SHI are proud to remain a preferred IT partner in helping Virginia adapt to the complex and changing world of Information Technology for years to come.

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