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AIA Virginia Hosts First Community Dinner Since Pandemic

On September 29th, AIA Virginia held its “Blueprint for Better Communities” Dinner in Norfolk. Created in 2019, this initiative is centered on a simple concept of bringing together architects and community influencers over a private dinner to discuss how we can work together to pursue the city’s vision. Suspended temporarily due to COVID-19, AIA Virginia reconvened our architects with city leaders last month at VIA Design for an inspiring conversation and time of fellowship. Special thanks to Haley Morgan who was instrumental in facilitating the logistics of the event.

Below are some of the key themes and topics that were discussed:

  • Resilience and improved infrastructure must be a focal point of the future.
  • There are many opportunities for architects to use their expertise in the development of solutions to mitigate flooding and sea-level rise.
  • City leaders are looking to architects to make sure the corporate build environment still thrives in the wake of COVID.
  • Through shaping the built environment, architects can lure people to live in Norfolk!
  • The city lacks public community spaces where people can just “hang out.”
  • How do we breathe “new life” into our areas that have intense poverty?
  • City leaders and architects both described the Norfolk as a city of potential, persistence, and partnerships.

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