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Guide to Local Redistricting for 2021 Released

The Virginia Division of Legislative Services has released its Guide to Local Redistricting for 2021, a publication that provides an overview of the laws governing redistricting at the local and state level. The Division of Legislative Services has historically produced the Guide prior to each redistricting cycle as a resource for local officials. The 2021 edition may be found at

Other preparations for decennial redistricting are also underway at the state level. The Joint Reapportionment Committee, which is composed of a subgroup of legislators from the House and Senate Privileges and Elections Committees, met on October 13 and received a briefing from Legislative Services staff on their work to secure software and office space and to provide updated information to the Census Bureau on existing precincts. Legislation passed in 2020 requires that individuals incarcerated in federal, state, or local correctional facilities whose address at the time of incarceration was located in Virginia be counted at that home address for redistricting purposes, and Legislative Services staff have been working with the Department of Corrections and the State Compensation Board to obtain necessary data to make these adjustments. Staff also provided an update on the status of Census data collection and advised legislators that potential delays in receipt of Census data may result in a compressed timeline for redistricting or require judicial action to delay redistricting beyond 2021.

VACo Contact: Katie Boyle

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