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EV Charging Infrastructure Grant Program from U.S. Department of Transportation Open Now

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced additional opportunities for localities to obtain funds for the rollout of thousands of electric vehicle chargers this decade. These Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grants help support communities so that they can fill gaps in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. $700 million is available right now, and over the next five years, this competitive grant program will provide $2.5 billion to localities, MPOs, states, or other government entities. We hope to see as much of those funds come to Virginia as possible. Specifically, the Community Program provides a good amount of flexibility for localities to put infrastructure where it will be most effective.

This grant provides funding for up to 80% of the charging infrastructure which lays a strong foundation for communities of all sizes to invest in a project like this, and cost share can come from private sector or other nonfederal funds. Projects can be as small as a $500,000 federal ask. These chargers help to stimulate the local economy, incentivize travel and tourism, and support residents who have made the switch to electric vehicles. Installing and maintaining local EV chargers will support various types of jobs, including electricians to install, maintain, and operate them; and workers to maintain the non-electrical components such as firmware and software. Numerous shared procurement contracts and utility partnerships exist to get this done for Virginia communities.

*In 2022, VACo for the first time added a position to its legislative platform supporting funding that provides for the availability and installation of electric vehicle charging stations therefore we are excited to see this funding become available.*

Applications are due by May 30, 2023. If you require support or have questions during the application process, feel free to reach out to VACo staff and we’ll do our best to help.  There will also be webinars about this opportunity that should be helpful moving forward.

VACo ContactJames Hutzler

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